UNIQUE new SRF processing at Cottenham

The first phase of major expansion works at our Cottenham facility is now complete, with a ground-breaking new £700,000 Solid Recovered Fuel system now coming on stream.

This process, unique to Malary and to the United Kingdom, extracts extremely high levels of oil and other contaminants from a range of media including rags, wipes and absorbents. The new process leaves a much drier end result for processing into a high-calorific fuel.

This fuel is particularly valuable to high energy users and furnace processes, while further limiting the volume of wastes going to landfill and incineration. In addition, it reduces the overall need for fossil fuels.

It also allows much wider use of SRF within the UK without the need to export.

To cope with the throughput of contracts already signed for the new service, we have also invested in three new “walking floor” trailers to make the collection and transfer of the wastes even more fast and efficient. http://www.malary.co.uk/new-trailers-for-new-service/

Early indications are that this new service process will quickly become one of the most significant in our portfolio of recycling services.

New Trailers for New Service

We have now taken delivery of three new “walking floor” trailers to meet the demands of our new and exciting SRF process, converting contaminated media into a high-calorific fuel. (Read more here) http://www.malary.co.uk/unique-new-srf-processing-at-cottenham/

Inside each trailer is a motorised conveyor system which forms the floor. This allows dry wastes to be loaded or unloaded much faster, using a “roll-on/roll-off” technique from the rear of the trailer. Processed SRF material can thus be discharged direct to each client’s  facility with minimal intervention to the load and maximum use of load space. Overall, it is an extremely efficient way to transport and manage dry waste consignments, with important cost-saving benefits all round.