Oil and Fuel Tank Refurbishment

Our innovative new oil and fuel tank refurbishment service can significantly extend the safe working life of your existing fuel tank with certified refurbishment replacing the need for costly tank removal and replacement.

  • MAJOR savings over the cost of tank removal and replacement, plus greatly reduced installation downtime
  • Existing tanks inspected, refurbished and re-certified
  • Insurance-backed warranty available
  • Suite of testing services quickly identifies refurbishable tanks
  • Particularly valuable for tanks in hard-to-access locations
  • Accounting depreciation options can render the whole refurbishment cost-neutral

 Existing oil tanks are often replaced because of pre-set time expiration, when in fact they can have a longer service life. In many cases, there may be five or more years safe service life following an inspection and refurbishment.  By this method the expense of current tank removal, purchase and installation of a new tank and all the costs of downtime are avoided. The value of a current asset is therefore extended.

New Service

This new Malary service was developed by our technicians based on extensive experience and our commitment to producing new and innovative solutions for our clients environmental and commercial needs. It takes advantage of a suite of accurate tank measuring and testing services to assess the refurbishment potential and ensure safe future use.

Not only that, but we are able to install a further Malary-developed system within the fuel tank which will automatically reduce its maximum fill volume to any required limits. This is particularly valuable for companies requiring less operating volumes than originally stipulated, adding the further benefits of avoiding oil degradation through ageing, lower refill costs and better control over content usage.

Your security

All of this is backed up by Malary’s ongoing inspection programmes and further oil storage and containment security options.