Sludge disposal

Sludge can form in a number of locations from tank bottoms through to site interceptors.

The content of each sludge will vary, but Malary will analyse it, remove the sludge safely from your site and recover most of the constituent parts through a range of processes. These will include separating and saving the water content and recovering oils and other hazardous materials.

By these methods we are typically able to recycle some 85-90 per cent of your sludge.  The recovered calorific wastes will be used in a waste-to-energy programme.

This is a turnkey service, with Malary providing every aspect from initial inspection and laboratory analysis to mechanical extraction, transport off site and final recycling. It may be included as part of our regular interceptor or tank maintenance programmes, site decommissioning operations or as a one-off call out.

As you would expect, the service of sludge removal and treatment is operated to the high operating and environmental standards which are the hallmark of Malary Ltd.