Contaminated fuel – Malary

  • Contamination analysis and identification via our own laboratory
  • Uplift of contaminated fuel and carriage on to our in-house process facility
  • Preventative monitoring and measures to eliminate risk in advance
  • On site fuel polishing (removal of contaminants so fuel can be re-used)
  • Tank cleaning and repairs
  • One-stop facility for removing old tanks and installing new

Malary are proven experts at prevention measures and in  dealing with contaminated fuel at industrial sites. From laboratory identification right through to tank cleaning, waste fuel processing and fuel replacement, – even new tank installation –  you can leave it with us. Our objective is to have your site and plant back up and running as quickly as possible and with the minimum disruption. The problems arising from fuel contamination can be both extensive and expensive, but our experience and programmes will help ensure your site remains operating at peak efficiency.

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