Your perfect

Environmental partner

Proven UKAS standards plus constant innovation and commitment ensure that Malary protects and enhances your own environmental standards.

Your business in

Safe hands

We are proud to partner long-term clients from every size of business operation who put their trust in Malary.

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Class leading

Waste solutions

From contaminated plastics and sludges to waste oils and filters, Malary's in-house recycling facilties serve end users and other waste contractors to the highest industry standards.

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Site efficiency through

Protective Maintenance

Keeping your business operating at peak efficiency through regular maintenance and call-out services.

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Bespoke and Commissioned

Special Services

Location, multi-location and international projects, operated and managed for client-specific needs.

Energy & Environmental Services

Our extensive range of scheduled and call-out options ensures your efficient site operation is maintained.

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Waste Management & Processing Services

Advanced in-house recycling and processing facilities recover hazarous and non-hazardous wastes.

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Advanced Fuel Services

Laboratory monitoring tightly controls recovered energy products while new services continue to come on stream.

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From its origins as a hazardous waste collector and recycler, Malary has grown to become a key industry player, offering mainstream and bespoke solutions to every sector. Recycling and waste-to-energy recovery remain central to what we do, but our growing range of industrial site services helps customers maintain their site’s efficiency while protecting their plant investment. Every waste recovery process and site service rigorously observes environmental regulations to legally protect each customer while enhancing their own environmental credentials.

We currently offer seven different hazardous waste recycling and recovery processes with energy from waste recovery a priority objective. Backed by our in-house UKAS-Accredited Laboratory – 4643, we are used by many national waste contractors to process their collected wastes as well as those from our own collection services. Together, these abilities also enable the bespoke turnkey solutions we create for national and international projects involving both hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. We are proud to have developed a number of specially-tailored solutions on local, national and international levels. Many include new or emerging technologies as part of those solutions.

A real dedication to customer service, innovation and high standards makes Malary the first-thought supplier for hundreds of businesses ranging from blue-chip multinationals to SMEs. We are proud to be one of the UK’s foremost names for enabling new energy from waste oil recovery.

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Facts and figures

tonnes of hazardous waste recycled in 2023
tonnes of SRF produced in 2023
asset protection solutions provided in 2023