Spill response

  • Rapid response to site or off-site spillages
  • Full absorbtion and containment equipment for hazardous and non-hazardous fluids
  • Removed spillage taken to our in-house process facility for safe disposal or recycling
  • Products and equipment supplied for customers own spill management facilities
  • Laboratory analysis and report to confirm composition of spilled fluids

Our spillage and leakage response unit can be quickly deployed for any customer incident, and we can also prepare containment areas where a risk is foreseen. This may be particularly relevant for the removal or re-installation of site storage tanks and associated pipework.

With our own in-house waste processing facilities, we are able to deal directly with any  fluids collected as well as the contaminated spill products which require safe disposal. In the same way we can safely collect and deal with used spill products deployed  the customer.