Bund inspections, maintenance, lining & repair

A range of options to ensure your bund securely retains any leaks or spills in line with environmental legislation

  • Full range of bund maintenance, inspection and repair options
  • New lining systems meet all required legislation with 20 year guarantee
  • Regular inspection and bund monitoring service available
  • Both interior and exterior bunds catered for

Proper containment for any installed equipment that includes hazardous fluids is an essential legal requirement. Malary offers full range of bund building, repair and lining services to satisfy these requirements. From a full scale outdoor concrete bund holding several tanks to internal bunds with full floor and side sealing, Malary can provide the solution. We can also provide  regular bund inspections for your compliance peace of mind and have a fast and highly efficient new sealing service to ensure existing bunds meet all new regulations -see Secondary containment.

Modern Coatings for Bunds

Modern coatings offer high efficiency performance that can reduce the frequency of regular bund maintenance inspections. Many offer bright and light finishes which make it both quicker and easier to spot any developing surface flaws. In this way, the risk of downtime for major repairs is greatly reduced while safety standards are maintained. The installation of an electronic bund monitoring system offers further advance warning of any issues or the need to drain water and may be particularly valuable for the more remote tank and bund locations. You can find more information of our automatic bund monitoring solutions here.