Tank replacement

A total turnkey service including removal of old tank, recycling of residual waste and installation of a new tank

  • Initial survey of replacement project
  • Advice and options given on most cost-efficient replacement route
  • New tanks sourced and delivered to site
  • All installation and testing completed
  • Bund security level inspected and reported

Both indoor and outdoor industrial fuel tanks suffer degradation over time. This can lead to leaks, but more often the ingress of contaminants that render the tank’s contents unuseable. Regular inspections by our experienced technicians can help avert this risk, and where damage beyond repair has already occured they can advise on the removal and replacement of the tank itself  and provide a quote to complete the work.

Malary have installed and commissioned every size of internal and external tank for range of customers. We are particularly proud of our fast turnaround times and the high quality of the work done.

We also offer a bund inspection service, and the complete design and installation of chemical proof bunds to meet the stringent new legal requirements.

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