Shredding Facilities Upgraded

Following orders placed back in 2019, we have now received and installed two new advanced shredding machines to increase the speed and volumes of container processing. Where used metal drums, IBCs and plastic containers cannot be washed and re-used, the shredding process allows the materials to be used again in the manufacture of new items. This includes plastics and metals, the latter of which are sent off site for re-smelting. The cleaned granulated plastics become feedstock for further plastics production.

The larger of our new shredders (UNTHA RS100) currently deals with both metal and plastic containers of all sizes, while the smaller unit (UNTHA RS60) will be dedicated to our oil filter recycling service, retaining the shredded metal canisters as well as the oil content and paper filter elements for further processing.

With the international focus firmly on the waste plastic and metal containers that are already major land and sea pollutants, we are pleased to reassure our customers that they are contributing to the minimisation of this pollution, while embracing recycling.  Our new equipment also means we can deliver the most cost-effective recycling service available.

Image courtesy of UNTHA (UK) Ltd

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