NEW – Containment pump installation service

  • Automated oil-discriminating pumps reduce or eliminate costs of inspections and manual pump outs
  • Upgrades secondary containment systems to comply with relevant legislation and improves site safety
  • Can be standalone or integrated with existing reporting systems
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Range of equipment and installation options to suit every size of facility

 Today’s automated oil-discriminating pumps offer greatly improved efficiency in oil containment management.

Probes in the containment area or bund will detect both water levels and any oil content, with any excess water automatically pumped out if pre-set levels rise. At the same time, any oil content in the water will be immediately identified, so that any tank leakage can be quickly addressed. This saves unnecessary repeat inspections and ensures that tank leakage is identified in the shortest possible time.

Pumps can be set to a variety of detection levels and pump out options to suit each situation. They are widely applicable to outdoor tank locations where rainwater may constantly fill the bund, but are increasingly used in indoor or subterranean locations where the ingress of water is a regular hazard.

Malary provides a complete service from survey and report through to installation and preventative maintenance packages tailored to each client’s specific needs.



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