Energy and Environmental divisions now paperless

The benefits of our new job management system from Big Change are already being enjoyed at Malary, with our Environmental and Energy Division already fully transitioned to this protocol. This paperless system will now be rolled out throughout the other divisions of the company.

The system allows an instant update on the progress of all work being undertaken for clients. In a couple of clicks any manager can monitor the progress of each job, including estimated time to completion, and advise the client as necessary.  The instant reports can be saved automatically for future reference and management control.

In addition to greater information accuracy and time saving, the system also helps ensure that resources are made available to meet any new or unexpected demands quickly, and that resources no longer required may be apportioned elsewhere. Meanwhile clients benefit from being informed instantly when a job is completed, or can receive a status update immediately at any stage.

The new system has numerous further options and possibilities which are currently being trialled by our Business Development Team. Our internal maintenance operations are already planned for transitioning to the paperless system in the next two months.

We believe the new Big Change system is a major step forwards in ensuring Malary remains one the UK’s most efficient and customer-focused industrial services companies.

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