New Service Addresses Red Diesel Tax Changes

To help customers manage the changes in Red Diesel fuel tax in April 2022, we are offering a range of associated services to ease the process.

As you will be aware, the main change is that Red Diesel (Gasoil) when used for commercial heating or back-up electricity supply will lose its low tax rebate status on April Ist. This will require a changeover to the higher-tax White Diesel (or alternative Biofuel) from this date onwards.

Customers currently using Red Diesel may choose to simply run down their stock gradually towards April, or get ahead of the game by ending their use of Red Diesel at an earlier date. In either case we can provide a measurement and tank-cleaning service to avoid contamination and remove sediment, as well as removing any remaining Red Diesel to be recycled off-site. We will also be pleased to advise on the suitability and condition of existing tanks in line with getting maximum efficiency from the chosen new fuel.

If you would like to discuss the various options and formulate a plan to manage the changeover as seamlessly as possible, please give us a call on 01953 253910.